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Why Northbridge Services Group


Northbridge Services Group is a unique organisation.  We have rivals, but they cannot or do not wish to deploy the full range of capabilities that we offer our clients.
Our operations are completely self- contained, highly disciplined, and are conscious of client confidentiality and local sensitivities.

We do not always focus on the direct application of military force, but are concerned with the application of a more subtle or oblique approach. When required, the company is capable of conducting Humanitarian Support Operations.

Northbridge Services Group seek to provide training for local forces, generating a transfer of our skills which enables client governments to become self-supporting, after the withdrawal of Northbridge Services Group personnel on the conclusion of our contract.

Northbridge Services Group is capable of very rapid deployments, and operates in a cost effective manner. We are confident that the cost to a client of deploying a Northbridge Services Group project team is invariably less costly than the sourcing of alternate forms of external assistance.


Northbridge Services Group understands the sensitivity, and nature of the operations we under take. Therefore, we apply strict rules of confidentiality, to our work and clients. These rules are reflected in our contractual obligations, corporate code, and employment terms.

Our code of confidentiality is absolute, and our security procedures are rigorously enforced to ensure protection, both for the client and ourselves.

Project Management Approach

Northbridge Services Group takes great care to examine and analyse all aspects of the operation prior to a deployment. Usually this requires Northbridge Services Group to deploy its Specialist Advisory Team preliminary phase the operation.

This Specialist Advisory Team sets proper channels of communication between the client and Northbridge Services Group on a "need-to-know" basis, leaving both parties clear about all parameters, objectives and potential problems prior to commitment.

In Conclusion

Northbridge Services Group is unparalleled in our field. Without equal, our unique group is continuously striving to set international standards.

Providing a comprehensive service, the group has experienced a well above-average growth and has been able to assist clients in ensuring their desired outcomes are met. Both nationally and internationally, Northbridge Services Group has proved itself a leader in the marketplace. Northbridge Services Group is a dynamic, professional organisation that can be relied upon to give a highly professional service at all times.


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